2012 Is Here, But For How Long?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Paranormal
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Ok, so I’ve been slacking with these more regular blog entries. Well, at least I have at least one excuse, the holidays diverted a bulk of my attention. Now that they are long over with and here we are in the ever so mentioned 2012, maybe these entries will be more regular as promised. Well, depending on if the prophecy of Armageddon doesn’t sidetrack that! Of course, I’m not much of a believer in that whole money grabbing schematic anyhow.

One thing is for sure, I’m actually very excited to get back into the heat of investigating the paranormal. That too has taken a bit of a holiday as well. So, finally tonight things begin to roll once again! Along with the group I founded back in 2005 SOPS we are returning to a location that has always been a special place for me. A place that we have experienced many different aspects that seem to defy our current understanding of the unknown, including some of my more memorable personal experiences.

Those close to me know exactly which location I’m referring too. Due to some rogue elements that tend to be a throne in our side and too many that research this area seriously, I’m keeping it on the lowdown until we have completed the task.

This time, we will be expanding the field of our investigation into this location with two new elements. One of which I have been a huge skeptic of. The first being Full Spectral Video, something I have wanted to experiment with for awhile now and finally will tonight. The second being the one I’ve been a huge skeptic of but have decided to give it a try, the ITC Spirit Box or to some The Ghost Box. I’m still not completely convinced of its effectiveness through what I have read and some of the poor examples of “evidence” that people publish as such. So, tonight we will put this little instrument to the test and see for ourselves.

All in all, the main objective is to learn and at the same time have fun with the investigation. There needs to be that balance to fully understand just what we are searching for. Though always remembering that we must be vigilante in what we “claim” to be “evidence” leaving it open for you all to make that judgement call yourselves. What we present is simply beyond our understanding and scrutiny through those in the exact fields that would harbor better knowledge in the medium in which the specific “evidence” falls under. You notice I don’t mention “experts” in there at all. For good reason, I believe even those “experts” ate humbled when it comes to examine the great unknown!


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