When Shadows Move

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Paranormal

In recent years the subject of  “shadow people” or “shadow beings” have really become a major part of research within the paranormal field. From the first time I’d heard of this phenomena it intrigued me, though sat on the fence in my belief of them. My skeptical side would always try to rationalize their meaning to something natural and explainable. Of course this was until I had my first experience with something that to this day I would say was one of these mysterious shadowy beings. 

It was early in the morning, or closer to 1:30am and we (Southern Ontario Paranormal Society) had been visiting DeForest to conduct our on going research there into phenomena we had been documenting there over the years. A particular phenomena we had been experiencing up there was something we coined as “ghost chatter”, where we’d been there on several occasions primarily to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and in the quiet of the night there would be a strange chatter. Like several voice quietly talking softly all around us. Now DeForest sits in the middle of no where in a way. There were houses close by but not directly within distance except the original DeForest homestead. 

Anyhow, up there to record more audio to try and capture this strange ghostly chatter. We’d just gotten up there, pulled out my camera to take some shots. Walking towards the Campbell family plot in the far North/West corner of the small pioneer cemetery. There was little light, of which came from the street light in the near distance. There were two of the group members in front of me as we were walking I took some shots. Quickly reviewing each shot in the camera’s viewfinder. 

Immediately there was something quite strange about the first photo. There was only one person in it, while there was two in front of me when I looked up in front. I quickly took another shot, same result. I looked back up and shouted to Mike who I knew was up in front. 

“Where’s Chris, Mike? ” I said to him.

 He looked back and replied, “he’s over in the front corner” 

As he said that, the chills run through my bones.

“Ok, who is in between us then?” 

As soon as I said that, the shadowy human frame between us walked off towards the Campbell family plot and dissipated once it hit the cemetery fence line. 

Now, of course my thoughts were to rationalize what just happened. First, try to recreate the situation. Retrace my steps and make sure it wasn’t my shadow being cast by the street light. Unsuccessful in trying. Next, what was it?   

At that point shadow beings really weren’t a subject in the general know. It wasn’t until a few years later that I would put the two of them together in the annals of the unknown.  



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