Some Paranormal Investigation Protocols

Just a few aspects to keep in mind before jumping in the field, or before forming a group and most importantly for a piece of mind while out there!

1. Make sure you have proper permission before deciding to investigate an area ie: cemetery.

2. Always make sure you have someone with you, never go alone.

3. Always respect the locations you investigate, and the people that own them.

4. If there is something that you don’t understand, always seek better judgment or a second opinion.

5. When investigating a private residence, make sure you check all elements before you decide to investigate. Make sure the people you are dealing with don’t have any medical       issues, abuse alcohol or drugs. Psychological issues are also important to understand. Thus, it is important to conduct a pre-investigation interview to insure not only your safety, but also to introduce yourselves to help put the owners at ease.

6. The first and most important objective in an investigation is not the collection of paranormal evidence, it’s to assure the clients that you are their to try your best in helping them. This is their lives you are fooling with, they live there on a daily basis, you are only there for maybe the one night. Impression is everything. So professionalism.

7. Do not make claims of anything demonic or evil to the point of chasing the family out of house and home.

8. Always makes sure you understand the tools/equipment/methods you employ in your investigations.

9. Make sure to double check you equipment before the investigation.

10. Don’t drink before or during investigations. Don’t smoke during investigations as it may influence any readings or any possible “evidence”.

11. If you become afraid, don’t run or scream. It certainly wouldn’t look good for someone who is supposed to be helping those who seek it, running or screaming out on them.

This is just a short list for now, I will keep adding over time……

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