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Originally Printed in Phantom Ezine

With most of us serious in the realm of paranormal research and investigations, there are some major concerns. One of which that plays on my mind a lot, the simple fact of the direction in which we are going about handling our approach as a whole. Though with the advent of certain technologies, there are areas in which we are finding more and more experimenting which seems to be furthering a certain area of the research into the unknown. Still though, on whole the field is rather stagnate, depending on ages old theories and terminologies. Never really understanding exactly what we are looking at other then it being completely unknown to all Darwinian laws. Yes, that’s right, Darwinian, something that has governed what is right and what is wrong in the materialistic world of science, but with much of the paranormal world as well. For humans have based proof pretty much only solely on what is tangible, something that is within reach, or grasp or vision. Something that is completely hindering many with their whole approach in trying to understand the unknown. My question is, “With the many years this has been the standard in the paranormal, is it working or has it been working?” With the way things look, no. This is when most of us must sit there and question this with asking, why?

When this line of thinking first leaked into my consciousness, there was nothing but questions swirling around in my mind. Causing me to investigate several theories as to “why” this is. Then stumbling on writings of individuals asking or saying that the current methods, standards and images that flood the paranormal world are a blanket, put there by people, and I use the word “people” loosely for this is yet only theory and like most of the paranormal world, isn’t proven. An elite set of individuals years ago, who for some unknown reason found the answers we continue to seek to this day. With these answers comes an obvious power. Like many levels of control in this world, behind them is a reason for this avenue. Of course more questions rise, like why, to protect us from the truths, something that would drastically change the scope of the way we think and conduct our lives? Similar to those who think that telling us the truth about there is in fact intelligent beings who have been visiting us for years? That the answers to the other world or after life are too important for the average Joe to hold in their hands? So, they instil a blanketed control to keep us occupied and happy. When realistically many out there investigating these hollowed out buildings thought to be “haunted” as complete morons wandering around aimlessly?

Think about this for a moment. Look at the tools many of us employ in seeking out some sort of “evidence” during our investigations and research. Never intended for this area at all, yet people use them like religion. They swear by them and at the same time never really understanding the right ways to employ them. Always gearing them to prove the paranormal and never rightfully trying to disprove it. Once again something that is pounded into the minds of people who are sucked into the TV world’s display of these half witted means of investigation. Monkey see monkey do, something that is only reinforcing the majority of those in the paranormal and leaving the truth seekers to work all the much harder. Never think for a minute that we who are serious about our stance on the paranormal aren’t lumped into that scary section as the conspiracy theorist. This is why no matter what the masses think or what the majority in the paranormal field follow, you much think outside the box. Approach the unknown from not only a materialist manner, but from a metaphysical manner as well. If in fact there are those in the know, those who are in the elite controlling or pulling the strings, always question. Much of what is out there in terms of research and investigations are completely false flags. Although the thought of trying to figure out a new way of approaching the paranormal is almost an impossible feeling, it’s still within our means.

Set aside belief systems, religions and human materialisms. Open your mind and thoughts. This is the only way any one of us will break that control that hampers us continuously. Never turn away someone’s ideas or theories if they are seemingly different in their approach, as they might have that much needed piece to furthering our goals of finding the truths to the great unknown. Better understand the tools you employ and not only try to prove the unknown, but disprove it where it should be. Collectively we all should employ a common theme to help each other in this quest, one that is new, one that will continuously grow and better educate others who will come down the road. Never easily accept what you see as being “evidence” but rather it being an offering of what might be. For “evidence” is the assumption of the truth and right now in our current state of understanding, there aren’t any truths to something that is completely unknown….