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Shedding Some Light

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Paranormal
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A few years ago I had a rather strange run in or shall I say, experience with something I as an investigator have yet to explain. Sure the theories run rapid as to what it might have been or could be, but never really coming up with anything concrete. I know, it’s time to reveal the strangeness already.

It takes a special breed to work the graveyard shift, hence the titling. Something I have endured for many years now, in fact I’d have it no other way. Sure it’s tough at times, but there is always some paranomal perks to it. I have witnesses some oddities over the years working this shift. At work, in the field and at home even. The ladder being the plot of this rather strange tale.

After leaving work early due to feeling ill. I made my way home around 2:30ish am in the morning. At the time, both my wife and I were both working nights. Arriving to a darkened home, only Goblin our cat patrolling the grounds sort of speak. I didn’t bother turning any lights on, only the PC screen luminated some light. All the curtains were drawn as I satdown in front of the computer. Goblin had finally decided to relax from his nightly patrols and park himself by the front doorway hall, just to the right of me.

Still not feeling too well, my net surfing was mindless really. Just searching for new outlets, checking up on my domains and emails etc. Then, with quick precision a huge flash of light or silent energy burst sprawed just above the cat. Disappearing as quickly as it had appeared. Now, I know I wasn’t going crazy seeing things as I looked over to the direct area in which this phenomena unveiled itself, Goblin was on all fours looking up in dismay. Scared and confused he took off to hide.

I in turn as instinct kicked in, investigated the situation. Trying everything to recreate, understand or explain the situation. Checking the light bulbs, the power, the switches. Everything was normal. Nothing hung around to show any evidence of the event other then myself and Goblin witnessing it. Vortex? Time slip? Spiritual contact of some sort? Who knows other then it being unusual…