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Posted: November 4, 2011 in Paranormal
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There is an individual who not only seeks fame and recognition, but also misery from those who try to expose his many lies. I admit. this does sound familiar of a lot of people out there in this world of ours, but trust me, this particular person has gone to great lengths in his quest to cast his profligacy not just on a rival, but those who come to the support of that rival. A man who hides behind a cloth, a religious cloth for that matter. Yes, a BOGUS BISHOP if you will! This Bogus Bishop has wrecked a flurry of words across the internet, about a certain cabal…an EVIL CABAL! The very people who along with this Cabal’s leader David Farrant, conspire against the Bogus Bishop.

Now, those of you who know me, know of my radio show, Nocturnal Frequency Radio and how we deal with the paranormal, supernatural and the unknown. We indulge with trying to better understanding the issues in the realm, and of course with that comes people who make claims that just don’t ring true. One such is that of an aspect in a case dubbed The Highgate Vampire.  There has been a longstanding feud between two individuals on just what really went down in Highgate Cemetery all those years ago. David Farrant who I’ve had on the show many times to explain his side of the issue, and of course the other individual who we will leave nameless, other then calling him, Bogus Bishop, has ignored invitations to the show to explain his side.

It breaks down like this, David Farrant believe that whatever being that roamed that cemetery, one that I might add, he came face to face with, was something of an energy being. One that latched onto your energy and drained you of it. Where the other individual or Bogus Bishop believes it or was, that of an actual vampire! The very same of which you would see in the movies. Yes, you are safe to picture a bishop carrying his cross, stake and hammer and hunting it, because you would be very close! Now, again for those who know me, know that I would without proper evidence believe the latter explanation of what went down in that cemetery 40 years ago.

Now, I won’t get into the dispute between the two, but it is with not only doing some prior research on the case, hearing interviews with both parties and having David on NFR, that I came to a conclusion. That very person hiding behind the cloth is a simple charlatan and will stop at nothing to seek his fame and fortune. And it is this stance that I have taken, that I have been added to the “EVIL CABAL”. Don’t get me wrong, I like many others who have been adorned with this honor, wear the badges with pride. Still, it’s the rederick that this Bogus Bishop spews through his many incantations or shall I say, like the personality of a bishop, he so uses that of the Hungarian traveler  Arminius Vambery. Yes, an impersonator would be the easy way to explain it.  Boldly, yet with a blind eye, tries to breakdown each of the different “EVIL CABAL” members through the seemingly endless hours searching Google for his footnotes. Hmmm, don’t bishops have more important religious based manners at stake…oh may, there’s that word, the magical word, STAKE! I forgot that along with this particular individual prancing around in a store bought priest costume , he also carries with him a Vampire hunting background. Of course, that part of his gig can be chatted about later.

It’s interesting that I being here in Canada along with my co-host Alex who also has been sworn into Farrant’s EVIL CABAL through the Bogus Bishop’s fingers typing feverishly on his computer’s keyboard. I’m sure his fingers continuously motion to type even when absent from his PC, oh that possible, that he actually takes the time to step away from it? Anyhow, in ending this “mindless rant” as I’m sure the bishop would see this as, but none the less be affected by. I have one request, “PLEASE USE BETTER PICTURES OF ME!!!” (In case you miss it, look below for a more appropriate picture to use in your latest “EVIL CABAL” rant!