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Yes, something a little different from the paranormal, well on some levels. Something I tend to do every year to get myself ready for what I like to call my Christmas, Halloween! Anyhow, I will add to this list daily until Halloween with the latest in the countdown to numero uno! Hope you all enjoy!

#31(Oct 1) Bob Clark’s 1972 zombie outing called Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. A film I first experience at the drive-in when I was a kid. Yes, leaving a traumatic engraving into my psyche!

#30 (Oct 2) Peter Cushing, John Carradine, Brooke Adams…need I say more! Shock Waves from director Ken Wiederhorn circa.1977

#29(Oct 3) No Michael Myers on a killing spree here, still this some what 3rd installment of the famed Halloween series simply because of it’s original title “Season of the Witch” already taken up. This still packs a very eerie and very atmospheric feel for Halloween and the days leading up to it!

#28(Oct4) SESSION 9 -Atmosphere, atmosphere and more atmosphere! Brad Anderson does a wonderful job thinly slicing the haunting of a mind or the haunting period. What better place to shoot this then in the old Danvers Lunatic Asylum!!!