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Wow, it has been awhile since my last entry here. Sorry if it seemed as if I had dropped off the face of this Earth of ours. Things have been very hectic with many investigations and on going research into the paranormal. SOPS has been very active with carrying out on going research into two very historic and seemingly very active locations. Those being the Cherry Hill House located in Mississauga and the other being the Spruce Lane Farmhouse located inside the Bronte Conservation Area.

Both adventures have been very time consuming, but very interesting to say the least. Media coverage with both have been heavy, causing an influx of cases which we will be looking into down the road.

Outside SOPS, and in the world of online radio, my show Nocturnal Frequency Radio is also gearing into high speed with the start of season 3, which officially kicks off Wednesday, September 15th at it’s new time of 7pmEST till 9pmEST. Tons of great topics and guests lined up until early December! For more info go to the official site NOCTURNAL FREQUENCY RADIO .

I will be back soon with a rash of new blogs covering several topics. One that I’m looking into as this blog unfolds is called Japan’s Suicide Forest. The world’s second largest area for rates of suicide next to San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge. The forest itself has always been linked to some of Japan’s oldest folklore. They believe that those who have died there, their very being is absorbed by the trees themselves. Housing their restless spirits to forever haunt the forest. More on this very soon!