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For those who know me, know that I love to hike. Why? Simple, it’s not only a great way to keep in shape, but to discover things that most would completely overlook. Of course depending on just where you hike that is. Myself, I find wooded trails that have loads of history to them. Maybe harboring some old abandoned trails that haven’t been used in many years. I’m one for discovering abandoned aspects.

So, yes the time of the year also seems to heighten my interest in veering of the main trails. With much of the foliage fallen to the ground, things that very harder to spot seem easier. So, while out there in the midst of deep wooded area, the trees seemingly endless all around, my mood becomes motivated in thinking that at one point in these very areas, was there an ancient people, native or not who worshipped the spirits who might roam these very woods?

Now, those who continue to know me, know that I have investigated the paranormal for close to 20 years now. Something that never strays far from even everyday life. Especially while hiking. I have found many areas along my travels along those trails that would highly suggest some sort of past activities towards some sort of worship. In fact it’s well know that in the 60’s into the 70’s there was heavy Occult activity in areas which I have hiked. One area in particular I call THE DEVIL’S MOUND/RING in which lays an almost perfect circled ring of ancient rocks that has one entrance/exit to it. There are both rumors of it being an old native burial mound, while others have said there was heavy Occult worship on the very same spot. To date I have found little or now evidence that suggests either ever happening. Though, I can tell you, there is an aura of strangeness that surrounds this very area. There trees that grow along the rim of rocks, grow and point inwards to the center of the formation. There is high readings of EMF inside the ring. Also, I have captured strange EVP in and around the formation.

Of course this doesn’t exactly suggests its paranormal in nature, but doesn’t completed discounts it either. More work needs to be done there. Still, this is only but one area along my hikes that bring out my curiosities especially during the weeks that lead up to Halloween.

Just today, while hiking along a route I have never travelled, I discovered an old abandoned road that it seems hadn’t been used in decades. Judging by the amount of growth along around and even on the old road, that much was evident. Though I travelled a fair distance along it, I didn’t follow it too the very end or where it may lead me too. That is very the next hike! Of course the reason I point this out is simple, with the big open fields the road lead me through, thoughts were. What might have happened in these fields years ago? Ancient ceremonies? We’ll see as I look forward to further discovering and around the perfect season!