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With all good things, comes the bad as well. The paranormal is certainly no exception to that rule, in fact in the last year or so it has probably redefined that area all together. There seems to be an ever growing area of the paranormal community that is willing to make the lives of those “paranormal celebrities” a living hell. It seems not only former fans of the many shows offered out there on TV such as Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State have gotten resentful and are seeking justification for being ripped off. From what you ask? Well, seemingly it seems many of these “former” fans of these shows have just found out that many aspects of the shows themselves have been “faked” or “doctored” etc.  Hmmm, did they not enter a relationship with these shows not knowing that they are meant for entertainment purposes, to generate ratings and money thereafter? Isn’t because of that “entertainment factor” that many of these now resentful ex-fans became obsessed with them in the first place? So, now there’s this ever growing bandwagon of “haters” out there not only digging for every little piece of evidence to find that many of these shows are “faking” and “misleading” the paranormal community, they are taking it to a whole new level, involving the the personal lives of these “paranormal celebrities” as well. Hell, even unemployed ex “paranormal celebrates” are jumping into the mix as well. It now seems that the shows themselves have stiff competition from former “stars” duking it out behind the scenes.  While this is going on, there is a new area of this all yet to be exploited and I’m sure someone is going to figure it out and tap into it. The drama of the community is not the sole dictator of it, this is the area which garners the most attention. Screw the shows now, the producers of these shows need to see the infighting going on all over the net, on Facebook, internet radio and yes they even still use MySpace as their virtual rings!

What they are all missing two very important aspects, one that makes up the very grain of the paranormal, and the other the very pinnacle of why they started this revolution. Number one, the very reason why many started in the paranormal was to find answers, the grass roots of the paranormal’s very being. The stories that have been told, the experiences that have been felt and very feeling of excitement of getting out into the field and investigating the unknown. It is all seemingly disappearing at the hands of this revolution in bringing the heads of those “faces” of the paranormal to justice! The pinnacle of this paranormal “faking” revolution has been lost as well, it has reared it’s ugly head and becomes a monster created by it’s own. Sure they are bringing more awareness to “faking” of these shows, something that has been apart of them from the get go, but many didn’t read the fine print I supposed and become very surprised when their fellow ghost hunter told them they are faking stuff. This revolution hasn’t stop those big wigs from continuing what they have been doing all along, it has given them even more just cause to produce even more of them. People, it is TV, they are their for your entertainment, the very reason why you started watching them from the start. There is nothing different with them, sure some of the later players to the scene might be more sillier in their attempts at what they do, but they none the less invoke the effectiveness they were set up to produce in the first place. So, your revolution is back firing in your face. You are generating more attention to them, you are giving them more structure then you ever wanted. sadly those, you are making  “faux celebrities” in the meantime. There are people arising from this revolution thinking that they too are high and mighty, soon to have their own TV show, One that those in this very revolution will surely go for the throat as well.