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A few years ago, ok 2007! I was driving home in the early morning hours from work. Roughly 4am during a brisk fall day. The morning sun start hours away from dawning the sky. Driving along a stretch of country road with very little traffic that early. As I drove along, at one point I just happened to look up to the sky to the south situated roughly above Lake Ontario, I saw them. At first being tired and not really having exact baring on them other that they were above the tree line along the roadside. My mind simply situated them along a street on the other side of trees, street lights in the near distance. Then, I noticed they seemed to be moving in the same direction as I was driving. Odd, the street light theory was quickly throw out the window. Ok, now my interest turned from neat to very curious. Thankfully with the lack of traffic along route, I was able to peer over to them a little more often without worrying about oncoming cars etc. As my eyes investigated the strange lights in the distance more and more. They began to move in strange ways, odd patterns and unique speeds it seemed. I needed to find an area to pull over and analyze them more in-depth if possible.

I decided to turn at the night small intersection, do a u-turn and pull over to the soft shoulder of the road staring that particular area of the sky dead on. Sadly the only video camera I had to try and document these strange lights in the sky was my cell phone! The lights themselves were orange in color, bright and in the most cases moving slow in odd motions. Gaining in height in the sky to dropping until on of the three completely dropped from sight on the other side of the tree line. The other two continued to put on a show. At the same time my thinking was trying to place just what these unusual objects might be. Flares? Planes? Chinese Lanterns? Weather balloons? None of these fit the description at all. Each one of these defied logic when trying to explain.

As I filmed them, I started to think that perhaps I would be able to quickly make it home and grab my camcorder in time. It was possible considering that I was close to home. So, without thinking about it a longer, I drove off. Sadly, once making it home and grabbing my camcorder they had disappeared in the early morning sky. Though not without another witness! I colleague of mine in the realm of paranormal investigations had also spotted them on his way to work the very same morning. He took his inquiry further then I. Contacting the local airport, military and marine areas to see if there was any activity or training going that would explain these lights. Of course with vague they would all be in the usual, there was no information stating of any activities leading up to these lights. So, my question to this day is, “what are these strange orange orb like objects?”.

As it seems, these strange orange like orbs have been spotted around the world, and most importantly extensively in and around Lake Ontario over the past few years. Here’s an example of similar to what I saw. This footage captured it seems around exactly 10 years ago…

For more on the above video HERE .

Again, here are more recent reports of similar objects being spotted in and around Ontario. HERE

Here is he footage that I managed to grab on my cell phone the very night as described in the story above. The footage isn’t the best. When watching it, turn down the volume as I have my hazards on in the car and do get annoying quite fast. What you will see is the intersection directly in front of me and the traffic lights. Faintly in between the traffic lights you will see one of the orange lights slightly moving. Once again, the footage isn’t the great, but should get the idea…