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There is an old farmhouse that sits quietly night after night. Slowly weathering, crumbling and disappearing. All it’s stories, it’s history seemingly uninteresting to most, merely the sight of something of the past and needs to be removed for something new. The land it sits on is its only value to most. Vast and full of future potential. Little to most know, there it is it’s stories and history that brings the most value. Time grows shorter with each night that passes to pull those important pieces together to tell those stories.

The house, it’s two barns, garage, smaller shed and it’s vast once rich corn field surrounding it all hold a few secrets. Some in plain sight, some through documented records and other more intricate aspects through investigations into it’s paranormal presence. Of course to most that means nothing without science in that equation. Yet, it is the scientific knowledge being used to weed out the mysteries this old farmhouse hides.

For most who first visit this farmhouse and its surrounds, there is a sense of some foreboding presence, something dreadful and awaiting in the shadows. Where others feel helplessness, a deep sadness of a mother who lost her children or child and is forever searching for them, weeping for them. Then there is to some, just a sense of quiet peacefulness with subtle hints of something playful wanting to interact.

You see, just because those families that once filled that old farmhouse with their daily routines, habits and energy have all but completely disappeared. They are there still there, at least some of them, the residual echoes play out and in some insistence often intelligent. All of which slowly give us and idea of what their stories were, hiding quietly in the dark.

Since 2008, Southern Ontario Paranormal Society has been actively researching, investigation and documenting The Tremaine House. For almost 10 years now there is still many secrets yet to unfold in knowing the full history/story that the old farmhouse has to tell.

Hopefully before time runs out for the house, we can finally tell the full story, share it with you all. Myself personally have many interesting tales from the very first time discovering the old abandoned farmhouse to the many visits investigating it. As do others from SOPS. Some of which we have already told.


There is something about an old abandoned farmhouse sitting alone surrounded by circle of old maple trees and miles of farm field. A long dirt road leading up to an old war torn bridge and barns that house some very interesting histories to them. Never really noticed while driving along the main country road at night, as it looks like any other farmhouse. The porch light on at night, but this light is not on indicating life is housed within it’s walls, but to ward off any curious beings from trespassing through it’s now abandoned empty shell. Upon a closer look, which I took a few years ago simply by stumbling upon it. The grass and weeds have begun it’s reclaim around the house, the many years of changing weathers have beaten it’s once armored walls. The painted wood porch has slowly began to sliver and peel, inviting hoards of leftover bee’s nests dried up in the corners.

Mid afternoon, I drove the car to about the midway point of the old dirt driveway, almost up to the old wood bridge. I didn’t trust it, didn’t look to healthy. I walked the rest of the way. The sun shining, the birds chirping and the fall winds were warm. I had originally wanted to take photos of the area as it intrigued me. First was to see if there was anyone still living there. As I approached the front steps and eventually up to the front door. I first peered into the the door’s big window. Nothing, no furniture, no living in sight. Then I circled the house house and discovered that the back kitchen door had been left open. Of course curiosity caught this cat’s eye’s and I entered. Still with photography my main focus, I took pictures as I made my way inside. As the door closed behind me, I noticed the dying beeping of an old smoke/fire alarm indicating the batteries were on their last legs. “Hello” I yelled out, “Is there anyone here?” I followed with. Nothing, just pure silence. The inside was in great shape, though there was  noticeable water damage beginning on areas of the walls. The paint was peeling all around, falling to the wood floor. There were two staircases, adjacent to one another  almost running under one another with only a room in between. I proceeded up the front stairs to the upper level and as I made my way to the top of the stairs, it started. It sounded like it was coming from the attic just above me, walking or movement. As I started to look around, it seem to follow me above. Though a bit unnerved, I though maybe just a huge animal, maybe a raccoon or something along those lines. Still as I wandered through the different rooms investigating the top floor’s maze of a layout, whatever was above in the attic continued to follow. Then I made my way to the one front room, just above just inside the door, the entrance to the attic. As I entered the room and looked up, I felt it’s presence there on the other side of that attic hatch. It was intelligent, seemingly big and now very silent. I snapped some final pictures and made my way back down to the main floor.

The whole time in there I noticed a very overwhelming sense of dread or negativity. Something that has been a common energy for all that have entered during our many investigations after my initial visit. Since then through researching it’s past, there have been a few details that have come to light through several avenues. Some of the more notable being the suicides of two women on two separate occasions. One from the antenna atop the roof and the other from somewhere within the walls of the main barn. In fact I remember the first visitation there and noticing the police tape still in one stairwell leading down to the lower stable of the barn.

Upon investigations, several unnerving EVPS have made their presence. One even calling my name as I was walking down the front stairwell. Chilling, though something about it’s presence draws us back. In fact just days ago, we visited and once again it seem to bring an mysterious atmospheric aura out. One that has along with the time of the year wanting to explore the unknown once again!

For some, the story that I’m about to share with you all is mostly kept to the knowledge of a few in fear of ridicule. Something that not out of fear of such, I have also only kept this unusual experience to just a handful. Though recently, I have decided that this is something that needs to be put out there, and in my case, to be researched and investigated. Though I am about to share this story, I’m still keeping certain details to a minimum. Hoping that those out there who have truly experienced something similar will come forward and contact me with their tales as well.

Early fall 2003, I had left work around 2:30amEST as I always did once a week. Only having one car then, my wife would drop me off as she would carry on to her work on the nightshift as well. Those who know me, know my love of hiking. So it wasn’t a surprise that on these “short” nights as I would call them, I would walk home. That walk would usually take me a good two hours. Still, as long as I was dressed warm enough, had my “Walkman” and listened to Art Bell, things would fly by quickly.

Somewhere in the city of Mississuaga, Ontario along a long stretch of suburban road. The only lights mostly coming from the street lamps. I was approaching a long bridge which would take me over a huge valley that housed a river down below. As I approached this bridge there are a few things I wanted to point out about it to give you as best a picture of it as possible. It consisted of two separated bridges, one for each direction. As you approach it, there’s a grassy medium in between leading up to the bridges. At it’s end was a metal guard fence for safety from falling down underneath the bridges and down the valleyside. The bridges were not attached as they ran over the valley and river. A new view downwards if in a safe position of course.

As I made my way down this very quiet road towards the bridges. Something very quickly caught my eye. An animal had run out from the depths of the valley on all fours to the grassy medium that laid out like a rug in front of the bridges. I stopped my quick pace to a complete halt. Then something very unusually about this particular creature surprised me. It then stood up on it’s hind legs like a human and stared at me from a distance. That distance was probably a good 50 feet if that. My very thought was to try and read this animal or creature more like it because an animal didn’t compute here. At least one I’d seen before. Thinking, don’t run or this thing will chase you down. Just stand there, keep an eye on this thing and let it make the first move.

As this showdown played out, I tried to catalog the features of this creature. Though there were street lights, the creature was in a position where a bulk of the lighting was behind it. It’s frame was slim, it stood almost as tall as I, so just under 6 feet in height. It head was rounded and seemingly smaller in portion to the rest of it’s body. I could not see it’s eyes, as with many animals where their pupils would illuminate any light source back out, this didn’t.

All of these factors were running through my thoughts. Then as quickly as it came up onto it’s two hind legs it then again got down and ran off into the tree line on my side of the road. I quickly crossed the road and kept a close eye on the area in which the creature ran into while I walked on and then down the bridge to the otherside of the valley. It never reappeared.

As I mentioned earlier, that I have only shared this story to a handful and just recently opened it up to help me while I investigate this encounter. An article written about it a couple weeks back has helped by sparking new life into things. A couple more sightings have been reported. The interesting part of those is, that I never once shared the exact area where this happened and yet the two reports were from that surrounding area.

I have also recently spotted a photo, or artist rendering of another famous case from the 70’s in Toronto that was so close in details minus red eyes to what I had encountered that maybe this is much larger the anyone really knows. There is one thing for sure, o know what I seen and it wasn’t normal indeed. More soon as I ramp up my investigations into this strange creature!