What Do We Really Know…

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Paranormal
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For as long as we have looked upon the unknown it has been strongly influenced by religious undertones. Well, more like guidelines really. Filtering not only our views, but the way we’ve investigated the realm. Yes, science has also played a huge part in shaping our understanding of it, explaining many aspects over the years, but still religion still seems to trump things. 

For one, many still believe that “ghosts”, “spirits” or many paranormal phenomenas are results of that of our dearly departed in one form or another. This has been the common theme for many in trying to understand the paranormal. Many will not bother to step outside that “safezone” in learning or furthering the understanding of it all. Much of all this is dated research hampered down by religious beliefs. 

Sure there are many researchers that have broke that mold. Maybe be through science or simply by thinking outside the box. With new science in explaining or beginning to aspects that were theories once. Aspects like multi-verses or parallel universes. Start to make theories like many paranormal experiences are in fact not the results of the dearly departed or restless souls, but glitches within some time continuum. Rare time slips interacting with each other. 

How our body’s own frequency interacts not only with the environment around it but the universe as a whole. Energy, yet another unseen element in many aspects is something we need to understand in a much larger level. 

There are so many different cutting edge research, experimentation and investigations into the paranormal that are bringing pieces of the unknown together for a better understanding of what was once dark into the light. In the next couple of blog entries I will explore some of these exciting ventures. 

Like the ever changing landscape of religion and mass belief so is the way we look at the paranormal. Forget what much of the TV shows preach, remember it’s for entertainment purposes. Don’t always believe what they are telling you…..


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